July 5, 2010

Frederick P. Brooks, in The Mythical Man-Month, states, “The purpose of organization is to reduce the amount of communication and coordination necessary.” A business system is only a form of that organization. Organize so that you don’t have to spend your working life in meetings. Organize so you don’t have to coordinate with the Marketing Development of the Western Rural Clark County Department every time you want to send an email to a potential new client. Organize so you hire people you trust, so your fear of them doing something that you didn’t approve requires them to talk to you before they so much as twitch. Organize to optimize. Organize with the intent of making money, not saving money. Organize transparently. And remember that ten minutes spent organizing your day, your desk, or your relationships can mean the difference between that nagging I-haven’t-done-enough and the confident I-did-what-I-planned-and-had-time-to-do-more.

Fred Brooks organized massive software projects. Winston Churchill organized a country beset by the war machine that was Germany. Dr. Laura organized your life. What are you organizing?


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